Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Betta fish rescue and care awareness

So I'm finding that I'm writing a lot about betta fish. That's okay. They are some of my favorite fish with their personalities and color varieties. I am also part of a very active betta fish forum, so I'm constantly finding out about new betta groups. Today I will be showcasing two videos made by members there. These videos do show images of fish in distress, so do not watch if you are feint of heart.

A sad but true video. I have personally seen conditions in pet stores as bad as these. They aren't just isolated incidents. Needless to say, I don't buy anything from stores like this. Your strongest voice is with your dollar. If you don't support these places, they won't be able to stay open. 

The author of the second video now runs a betta fish rescue program called the Spartan Betta Rescue Program where she takes unwanted betta from pet stores and owners. She treats their injuries and illnesses and then adopts them out to caring homes. Her website also has tips for good betta care and a great fact or fiction section.

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