Thursday, May 3, 2012

American Betta Fish Association

Another betta Facebook group has popped up! The American Betta Fish Association. It was started today by a few breeders that I know with the intention of spreading awareness about this lovely little fish. Right now they are focusing on betta rescue, adoption, proper care, and good breeding techniques. The founders would one day like to have regional shows for the beginner breeder who doesn't feel ready to show at the IBC (International Betta Congress) yet, but they also want it to be known that the IBC is still the betta organization. The American Betta Fish Association is also going to be sanctioning local betta clubs as good sources of information about bettas. Go check 'em out!

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  1. IBC is not THE betta association - they are THE social club that accepts racial discrimination as acceptable practice against people they don't like. Bettas4All is better and has a much more fish-friendly standard that is more focused towards producing a healthy/balanced fish - not just a pretty sight to look at for a few days before disease takes over.

    I am not associated with either club - just know the members and the propaganda. Some of the best breeders in the world DO belong to IBC - but that doesn't make IBC a better organization than other betta organizations.

    If ABFA was still around, I still would not support them until they took down the marketing propaganda about filtration and heaters - they come from water with changing conditions and slow moving water... filters kill Bettas and heaters are only necessary at low temperatures (66-67) - This fish has been kept, bred, and thriving in bowls without filters since 1800's - Just use plants to filter the water and check for ammonia/nitrite at random times to make sure.


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