Monday, July 9, 2012

An end to fairground goldfish?

A lot of people began their fishkeeping hobby with a goldfish, many of them won at a fair. While many don’t see a problem with this, they also don’t know the reality of fairground goldfish. These fish are given to anyone with no directions for care. Most don't even come with a tank. Many of these fish are simply thrown in the garbage, left to suffocate after being tossed to the ground, or poisoned with chlorine when they are flushed down a toilet. The “lucky” ones are put in a goldfish bowl and languish for a few weeks before succumbing to ammonia poisoning. Maybe one of a thousand will be helped when its owner seeks out help for the poor creature that has come down with an illness as a result of the terrible living conditions.

What is his fate? (shawnogram @ flickr)

If you hate this as much as I do, there is some hope. Rome has banned goldfish as fairground prizes, and a young girl in England has started a petition to stop goldfish and other live animals from being given away as prizes. Shouldn’t we be teaching our children to cherish life and not that is as disposable as a toy won at a fair? Stop Fairground Goldfish

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