Goldfish care at a glance

  • Aquarium Size 
    • Minimum 30 gallons (114 L) for double-tailed
    • Minimum 50 gallons (190 L) for single tails
    • Bowls are not acceptable homes
  • Weekly maintenance 
    • 40% or larger water changes once a week
    • OR multiple 20% changes spaced out through the week 
  • Filter
    • Mandatory!
    • Able to turnover at least 10 times the water volume per hour
    • If using a power filter, two filters are preferable to one
    • Canister filters best
  • Food 
    • High quality pellet or gel food
    • Fancies need sinking food
This is not intended as a complete care guide. You can find a more complete one here. Or reference the goldfish quick links at the sidebar.